Transform Your Language Learning Journey with Habitual Learning

Start your language learning journey by making it a habit – one sentence at a time!

  • Consistency Over Intensity
  • Better Retention
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
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Learn language the effective way

Say goodbye to days of cramming and hello to the effective, enjoyable journey of habitual language learning

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As soon as you sign up you will get your first sentence! This is a minimal language course designed to kickstart your language learning.

21 Sentences, 21 Days

Three weeks is the average time it takes to develop a habit. That’s why we have put together 21 sentences over 21 Days for you to practice on.

Short, but sweet!

Once you are done with the course you will get recommendations for further language learning in your chosen language

  • Consistency Over Intensity: Instead of cramming and burning out, habitual learning enables you to build your skills consistently over time.
  • Better Retention: Our method leverages the principle of spaced repetition, which is proven to improve memory retention. By revisiting and practicing a little every day, you'll solidify your grasp on the language.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Life is unpredictable. Traditional classes require a set schedule and substantial time commitment, but with habitual learning, you can adapt your studies to fit into your daily routine

Language we support so far

Only Japanese for now, but more are in the making!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The course includes 21 sentences sent over 21 days to your email. After that, you will get recommendations for further language learning.

Atomic language is made to quickly get you into the habit of doing some kind of learning every day. We don't promise fluency of any kind but with spaced repetition and consistency, you will have a better understanding of the language after the course. It will make it easier to get into more comprehensive learning afterwards

No problem! If you just want to join for a little bit to test it out you can always "drop out" by unsubscribing to the emails midway. This you do by going to the bottom of the emails and unsubscribing.